2020- Full Day Program

In light of the current pandemic (COVID-19), we have decided to implement a NEW program at our new facility, that will allow high-school students to complete their school-work in a classroom like setting, in addition to learning a new beauty skill each week. 

Students will work inside of our monitored classroom/s, and will have the opportunity to learn weekly beauty skills. This program is perfect for academic "self-learners" and the student is interested in pursing a beauty career!

Seats are extremely limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The Registration Fee ($99) is due by August 31st. Weekly tuition is due each Monday, upon your child's arrival. No exceptions!


Week 1 - Tuition is due on the 1st day (September 8th,2020) 

Full Time Rate: $159.00 (Week 1 Only)

Part Time Rate: $99.00 (Week 1 Only)

Week 2 - Week 9: Tuition is due each Monday, upon your child's arrival.

Full Time Rate: $199.00

Part Time Rate: $99.00


Q: Will you provide tutoring or academic assistance to the student/s?

A: No. We are not tutors, academic instructors, nor licensed teachers. We are simply offering you/your child a facility to complete their work (outside of the home), and the opportunity to learn specific skills in the beauty industry. Our staff will monitor your student while they are inside of our classroom/s, to ensure they are logged on during the indicated times for their "school day." 

Q: How will you maintain and adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines?

A. We will take the temperatures of each student, prior to them entering the facility. Students will maintain 6ft of distancing while they are in our classroom/s. Hand sanitizer and hand-washing will be required, before and after each meal. Face masks will be worn by all students and staff, while inside of our facility (except for lunch/snack time). We will follow all CDC guidelines as it pertains to the safety and standards of our staff/students.

Q. What does the registration fee cover?

A. The $99 registration fee will cover your child's reserved seat, mannequin head for the weekly beauty lesson, and basic school supplies such as: pens, paper, a folder, and colored pencils. (for their personal use only).

Please feel free to give us a call with additional questions/concerns. 

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