The Glamcor MULTIMEDIA X CONTENT CREATION KIT with selfie function is the most technologically advanced Glamcor light. With adjustable color temperature, remote control, and an array of accessories for all devices, you’ve just met your new, personalized and portable LED light studio!

Creating high-quality and professionally lit content just got easier with the MULTIMEDIA X CONTENT CREATION KIT (previously Glamcor Multimedia Extreme Light Kit). This LED salon light with a universal phone clip is sleek, modern, and compact, with cutting-edge technology. This is the full kit including the following accessories: One (1) Multimedia X Light (Universal Phone Clip included), Tablet X Clip, Universal Camera Clip, Mirror Accessory for Multimedia Models.

The Bluetooth selfie function and color temperature control allow you to take professional photos and videos with your smartphone, tablet, or camera. Keep your device battery charged by using the on-board USB charging port. The flexible and height-adjustable LED lights are perfect for precise beauty applications that will make your clients happy and viewers even happier!

Not only is the MULTIMEDIA X CONTENT CREATION KITa powerful light and portable studio, it also is extremely lightweight, durable and fast-charging. The detachable stand is easily adjustable and super lightweight - taking up minimal space and effort to travel with. For lash and brow artists, makeup artists, estheticians, and the like, being able to do your work in any environment is important - the MME makes this possible.

Loaded with powerful LED lights, the MULTIMEDIA X CONTENT CREATION KIT illuminates your space instantly. With color temperature adjustability ranging from candlelight to daylight, you can effortlessly transform the space in which you are working and adapt to any lighting condition. Use the lighting presets, or save your favorite settings for easy recall.

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  • The MULTIMEDIA X Features:

    • HD Adjustable color temperature from 2,700K to 5,600k
    • Bluetooth selfie function built in
    • Super smooth color temperature and dimming transition
    • Flicker-free
    • Remote control for power, dimming, color temperature, presets, memory, and selfie function
    • No "cool down" period. Once you are finished you can pack it and go!
    • Dual voltage 100-240V
    • Lightweight: 5.5lbs/2.5kg
    • USB fast-charging port for charging phone/tablet

    The MULTIMEDIA X is perfect for:

    • Professional Lash and Brow Artists, Professional Makeup Artists, YouTube Content Creators, Video Bloggers, Nail/Hair/Makeup/etc Salons, Professional Estheticians

    The MULTIMEDIA X Light Kit includes the following:

    • (1) Fully flexible LED luminary with power, dimming, and color temperature adjustability
    • (1) Remote control
    • (1) Universal Phone Clip
    • Tablet X Clip
    • Universal Camera Clip
    • Mirror Accessory for Multimedia Models
    • (1) Stable four leg base lightweight aluminum telescopic stand
    • (1) Dual voltage power supply (your light ships with the power supply for your country)
    • (1) Carry bag with trolley sleeve

    How has the MULTIMEDIA X light has been improved from the MULTIMEDIA EXTREME?

    • The Universal Phone Clip is now included. (Additional optional accessories available for purchase: Universal Tablet Clip, Rear View Mirror, Universal Camera Clip, Mirror Accessory, and Blank Clip.)
    • The lighting is 25% brighter. The MULTIMEDIA X has 672 LEDs (168 Warm & 168 Cool on both arms) vs 336 LEDs on the MULTIMEDIA EXTREME (48 Warm & 48 Cool on both arms).
    • The arms and body have been redesigned to be slimmer and sleeker with a polished grey finish.
    • The mechanical buttons have been replaced with capacitive touch buttons. A designated power button has been added.
    • The geometric shaped protective case stands on its own. The case has a longer padded strap and trolly sleeve make traveling with your lighting system even more convenient.